Watermark Remover

Watermark Remover

AI watermark remover tool, provided 5 AI-powered watermark remover tool to delete watermarks, brand logos, stamps, person, text, date, sticker and any other unwanted objects from videos and images instantly.Easily Erase Watermark in 3 Steps without blur and you can preview the result in real-time and output in high quality

    Fast get rid of anything in video & image at your will!

    Brand Logo

    Using three modes/accurate selection box to choose logo area amd maintainning the original quality without loosing any details.


    No matter how many watermarks are placed, Geekersoft has the capability to delete all of them wihtout blur.


    Smoothly get rid of the translucent text from images and videos in just few seconds.


    Magically remove any unwanted elements from images and videos with AI-aided tool.


    Get rid of interfering date texts quickly and effectively.


    With Geekersoft remover at your fingertips, you can remove any sticker on JPG, PNG and MP4.

    No prior editing skills needed!

    • Import Video & Image

      Drag and drop or click " Choose File" to import video and image to Geekersoft Watermark Remover
    • Select the Watermark

      Choose the remove modes based on your needs and select the object you want to delete,then preview the removing effetc in real time.
    • Export Video & Image without Watermark

      Click the "Remove and Export" to export video and image without blur.
    No prior editing skills needed!

    Auto Watermark Remover with 5 AI-powered Modes

    Al Model
    • Automatically detect and remove various types of watermarks based on our AI-tech.
    Matte Filling
    • Select the part in the background to replace the location of the watermark removal, maintaining the original quality.
    Color Selection
    • Remove the burrs in the watermark area, and AI fills the color to make the result more natural.
    Smooth Filling
    • Make a smooth transition in the x and y directions to remove watermark from video by using the edge pixels.
    Gaussian Blur
    • Smoothly brush or blur to achieve the purpose of deleting video watermark.
    No any Blur

    No any Blur

    The AI watermark eraser will automatically remove unwanted objects on your videos and images without leaving apparent blur.
    Real-time Previw

    Real-time Previw

    Al-inbuilt tech to detect & remove watermark automatically and preview in real-time and output in high quality

    Hear What Our Customers Are Saying...

    Marson J, UK
    Excellent! It does everything I need as a proffisional video watermark remover. You won't even notice the blur in the spot where the watermark was removed.
    Simon, USA
    I recommend this watermark eraser to anyone who wants to enhance their photos without any unique skills. It's relatively simple and effective. The output video quality is also amazing. Thank you!
    Lydia Walson, JP
    I used Geekersoft Watermark Remover occasionally to get rid of watermark and unecessary text. It doesn't leave any pixel spot on the previously watermarked area. Everything about this online tool should appeal to begginners.

    It's never been easier to remove watermarks from video and image!