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PDF-to-Text converter will help you convert PDF files to TXT files online for free.
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How to convert PDF to TXT?

Uploading PDF Files

Drag and drop or select to upload files from your computer, mobile phone, iPad or other devices that can access the network.

Waiting for TXT conversion

After you upload the PDF file, the system will automatically convert the TXT file, and you just need to wait a few seconds.

Download TXT file

After the conversion is completed, you can download your TXT file to the local computer or mobile phone.

Why choose Geekersoft free PDF to TXT?

High efficiency
How to convert PDF document to TXT text? Actually, it's very simple. Just upload your PDF and let us do the rest. After the conversion, TXT text files will be provided for download.
Fast conversion
This tool can be used to quickly convert PDF to TXT text. You only need two clicks, and then wait a few seconds to complete the whole conversion process, which is very fast.
Reliable and trustworthy.
During the conversion process of our platform, all privacy can be effectively guaranteed. There is no need to reserve any personal information before the conversion. During the conversion, SSL encryption is used to ensure data transmission. After the conversion, we will delete the files within half an hou.
Cloud services are supported on all platforms.
No software installation is required. Visit our website, and then you can directly convert PDF to TXT, which not occupy your computer resources.
Free and unlimited
Geekersoft free PDF to TXT service is completely free, and you only need to upload PDF files to convert txt, without any threshold settings, such as: registration, providing email or watermark, etc.

We Convert PDF Files for Global Users

The number of users is increasing, and you deserve it!
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