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How to convert PDF files to PPT files for free

Upload the PDF file to be transferred to PPT

Select the PDF file you want to convert to PowerPoint.

Wait a few seconds for the conversion to complete

After uploading the file, our online converter will convert your PDF file to PPT file in seconds.

Download the PPT document

After the conversion, download the PPT file and save it to your device. The file will be automatically deleted after 1 hour.

Why choose us?

Best free PDF to PPTX converter
Our online PDF to PowerPoint converter is the bes converter on the market and you can use it for free. The system can turn your PDF into a PowerPoint presentation in seconds.
Fully compatible online services
Our PDF to PowerPoint converter is suitable for any operating system and device. As long as your device can be connected to the Internet, you can use our free PDF to PowerPoint converter to convert PDF to pptx or PPT for free.
Automatically deleting files
As an online service guarantee, we will delete all file records 1 hour after the conversion of PDF to PowerPoint, to protect the information security of all users.
Upload / Download Security
When you upload, convert and download files, we will use 256-bit SSL encryption for secure encryption, which maximizes the security of all users' data transmission.
Rich tools available
We have a series of easy-to-use PDF conversion tools for users. It is not only a PDF to PowerPoint converter, it also has PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and other ten conversion formats.

We Convert PDF Files for Global Users

The number of users is increasing, and you deserve it!
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