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How to retrieve lost data from Android phones

Updated By Amy On May 23, 2023, 6:46 pm

Many of us in our lives have experienced data loss on our phones. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including physical damage, accidental deletion, failed upgrades, etc. For whatever reason, the first thing you need to do is stop using your Android device and try to recover the data as soon as possible, otherwise there may be a higher risk of being overwritten and you won't be able to retrieve the lost data again.

So, how to recover Android data?A comprehensive Android data recovery tool can help you do this easily. Here, we would like to recommend Geekersoft Android Data Recovery(UltData) to you. It is the best Android data recovery software with powerful features that can help you recover deleted Android data with a simple click. Download this program for free now and follow the steps below to restore Android data.

Part 1 Use Geekersoft Android Data Recovery (Ultdata)

Step 1 Install and run Geekersoft Android Data Recovery (Ultdata) on your PC/Mac and connect your Android phone to your computer via a USB cable. Wait until your Android is automatically recognized.

 How to retrieve lost data from Android phones

Step 2 During the connection process, please follow these steps to learn how to turn on USB debugging mode on your phone.

 How to retrieve lost data from Android phones2

After enabling the USB debugging mode, authorize your computer to connect to your phone.

Step 3 After connecting, all file types will be displayed in the main interface. Check the file type you want to restore, and then click 'Next'.

 How to retrieve lost data from Android phones3

Step 4 After scanning your Android phone, all items will be listed in detail. You can preview each specific item and select what you need to restore.

 How to retrieve lost data from Android phones4

Step 5 After the recovery process is successfully completed, the selected files will be saved in the folder you previously selected.

 How to retrieve lost data from Android phones5

With Geekersoft Android Data Recovery (Ultdata), you can recover almost any type of Android data, including contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp messages, images, videos, audio, and more. The recovery process is fast and simple, with guaranteed output quality Download and give it a try for free now!

Part 2 FAQs for Restoring Android Data

Q1 Is it safe to use Android data recovery software?

Yes. Geekersoft Android Data Recovery (Ultdata) is 100% safe with no ads or viruses. The software will scan your phone to recover deleted files and will not store or send data from your phone. You can use it with confidence.

Q2 Is data recovery feasible?

Yes. Generally speaking, when you delete data from your phone, the deleted items will enter the assigned area on the phone, but you cannot see them through your eyes. To recover deleted data, you should use a data recovery tool to scan and extract the deleted items into your phone. However, once you operate your phone and write new data to the allocation area, the deleted items in the allocation area will enter the unallocated area, and you cannot restore them permanently.

Q3 Do I need root phone to recover data?

Yes. The root phone will get phone privileges. With this permission, you can install third-party software to scan and help you recover deleted data. However, after root the phone, your phone may be attacked by viruses or malware.